Mrs. Poquette's 9th Grade Honors Biology
(Poquette HBIO)

This is fast, passed loaded Honors Biology course. Your goal is to recieve a B grade or higher to meet the pre-requist for the next honors course, Chemisty. Plan on having homework almost everynight with many fun laboratory experiments.

Attendance for this class is vital! Please let me know in advance if you know you will be missing class, especially if you will miss a lab.

I do not accept late homework after 2 days(see late work policy on the sylabus)! This is a college pre course! Only work missed due to an accepted school absence such as school event, sports, field trip, illness (with Drs note) or family emergency will be allowed to make up. You will recieve the same amount of days as missed for make up work.

There are NO test Re-Takes! All test grades are final.

All school rules posted in the handbook apply in my classroom!

No food or drink except water are allowed in class.

No electronic devices of any kind are allowed in clas unless teacher gives permission.